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One of our missions is to bring the life-transforming power of the Holy Spirit to those who are hurting, weak, sick, oppressed, and in bondage, offering them healing, strength, freedom, and hope.


Experience a transformative message that will ignite inspiration, uplift your soul, and strengthen your faith.
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Partner with us to make a difference. Stand with us in support of our church, enabling us to extend a helping hand through charitable endeavors.



If there are specific needs for which you desire the comforting and guiding presence of a fatherly figure in prayer, Daddy is here to join you in supplication.
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Rev Dr Sunday Egwuche.

Rev Dr Sunday Egwuche.

Rev. Dr. Sunday Egwuche, the visionary leader and founder of Christian Revival Mega Church worldwide, is a divine messenger for the end times. With an exceptional blend of teaching, prophetic insight, and apostolic authority, he guides and impacts countless lives.

As an anointed teacher, Rev. Dr. Egwuche imparts profound wisdom and spiritual knowledge, enabling believers to deepen their understanding of God's Word. His insightful teachings inspire...

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Our mission is to spread the Gospel of Our Lord Jesus, embodying truth, power, righteousness, and holiness to impact the earth.

We are dedicated to winning souls and nurturing new believers in their faith journey.

Our vision extends to establishing vibrant churches across the globe, creating communities of worship and discipleship.

Through empowerment, teaching, and training, we equip pastors and believers for effective ministry work.

Our heart’s desire is to bring the life-transforming power of the Holy Spirit to those who are broken-hearted, weak, sick, oppressed, and captive.

We are committed to establishing a school for healing and deliverance, providing a nurturing environment for spiritual restoration.

As part of our endeavors, we organize revival gatherings and evangelistic crusades, igniting spiritual awakening and spreading the message of salvation.

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Preserving life.

Public Facility

Together, let’s create a positive impact by donating towards the development and enhancement of public facilities for the benefit of our community

70,000 of 100,00070%

Health Care

Join us in making a difference by donating to support public health initiatives and help improve the well-being of our communities

70,000 of 100,00087%


Every Sunday


9:00am - 12:00noon

Bible Studies

Every Tuesday
5:00pm - 6:00pm


Night of Power Tarry Night

Every last Friday of the month, which is dubbed miracle night

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